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Finding the Right People

RP People specialises in identifying and recruiting the right people for your organisation. We offer comprehensive solutions that help our clients establish or fill business critical functions as well as build skills in Public Affairs, Government Relations and Communications.

All our consultants have exceptional knowledge, broad networks and extensive experience helping our clients with the full range of these issues.

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Strengthening Teams

We help our clients optimise and strengthen their organisations’ teams, particularly in political, regulatory and public relations areas. We headhunt and recruit the right people when vacancies occur.

We also help our clients build the right skill sets in the long run. We facilitate coaching experts as well as top management and serve as a fallback resource in times of acute human resources needs.


Finding a public affairs expert with the right qualifications means asking the right questions and knowing what to look for. RP People offers a complement to your ongoing recruitment processes. We provide our opinion on one or more candidate profiles and make suggestions on how each can ‘hit the ground running’ and reduce start-up times with expert training. We are also able to validate specialist competencies in public affairs or communications as well as provide HR assessments with Master International's certificate.

We make our clients and their teams better. We offer exclusive courses and team training, during which our consultants give teams new knowledge, competencies and tools that they can use in their daily work to better influence and be heard, thereby maximizing their commercial or public potential.

Many businesses and other organisations set up in-house public affairs functions from scratch. Sometimes it can be difficult to fit that function into the existing organization. When it comes to the establishment of new executive and specialist functions, RP People provides strategic advice on how best to design the function and how it should be placed in your organisation to best meet the organisation's strategic needs.

This service can be supplemented with coaching and training.

Understanding current affairs and keeping up to date with the political climate is part of making the right business decisions. RP People instructs and provides recurring briefs on relevant political affairs. This increases and develops your management team’s understanding and knowledge of political developments on a national, Nordic or European level.

All new employees need time before they reach full potential and profitability. Being part of the Rud Pedersen Group, RP People can offer training and coaching that will make your new expert in Public Affairs or Communications reach full efficiency and profitability in the shortest possible time.

RP People, as well as the other Rud Pedersen Group brands, have industry-leading knowledge in public affairs and communications. The knowledge of the business-critical role these functions play in different organisations ensures that the right skills-profile is identified early in the process. A comprehensive network, in combination with solid search and select work, enables us to identify the ideal candidate for your organisation – even if they aren’t currently searching for a new job.

RP People helps your organisation in finding the right candidate by taking care of the full process or by supporting you in an ongoing recruitment process.

Losing a key employee, permanently or temporarily, can be critical to business performance. Our interim personnel solutions fill your competence gap immediately. RP People can also remedy shortages of team members at critical stages in your business flow. RP People has access to both our own consultants within the Rud Pedersen Group and affiliated consultants who can be placed at our client's disposal at very short notice. If you need someone immediately, we can help.

We provide the opportunity to have an experienced senior advisor analyse your opportunities and challenges.

Some decisions and considerations require that business leaders seek knowledge from an objective and expert outside executive, such as those relating to the organization’s current opportunities and challenges. Alternatively, a new leader may need a professional mentor or sparring partner in order to succeed in the new position.

RP People offers top executive sparring solutions with senior advisors who are still working as consultants and professional board members and, thus, carry many years of experience in executive management across public organizations and private firms.

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